DNX's History

DNX Solutions, a Microsoft partner, has built a solid reputation for delivering high performance systems, delivering over its 15 years of various types of technology solutions and being for its partners a fundamental part of growth and optimization in their processes. With its continuous investment in R&D, talent discovery, integrations, automation in code and ability to leverage new technologies, it has achieved technological excellence. Reliability, flexibility and power are the reasons why many companies choose our solutions. Since 2012, we are pioneers in Vale do Paraíba/SP in Cloud Computer, Web Systems and Business Intelligence consulting. We have solutions for systems and applications development, automation, professional qualification, Business Intelligence and Big Data.

In our history we have assisted multinational companies, medium-sized companies, and new entrepreneurs whenever they need a reliable solution in their operations. We invite you to get to know our solutions and contact us, so that together we can achieve the unimaginable.

A word from the Solutions Architect

Hello! If you allow me, I would like to introduce you to DNX Technological Solutions during your reading. We are a virtual technology company from Taubaté! With over 15 years in IT, today we assist over 40 thousand users spread across all continents, we even have users in Vietnam!

Our mission is to help, through technology and our technological assets, companies in their digital transformations. We assist from multinationals to new entrepreneurs, always aiming for quality, process automation, cost reduction, infrastructure and legality, since most companies are not aware of the impact that LGPD and Marco Civil da Internet have on their systems and databases. We will be your true technology partners during your digital journey.

We specialize in cloud computing technology, being the first company in Vale do Paraíba to bring the very first cloud system, in partnership with Microsoft Azure. Today we have CRM solutions, Intranet, GED, Purchasing System, Content Portals, Online Learning Platform and e-commerce. We are undoubtedly one of the most complete in the market to be there for all your needs.

But who is this writing? Sorry, I get very excited when talking about DNX! My name is Rodrigo, the solutions architect! I am the gateway to all new demands and I will closely monitor the entire implementation of systems in your company. Nice to meet you! I am a Microsoft specialist with 11 international certifications in databases and systems, and I am also a Microsoft certified instructor. Well, if you need me, just call me! It will be our pleasure to serve you in the best possible way. A big hug.


DNX Soluções - Missão


Enable, develop and offer technologies, whether systems, sites or platforms, for any kind of necessity from our partners and customers, with quality and our values as a brand.

DNX Soluções - Visão


To be a world renowned company with innovative solutions for all process needs, with a high level of automation, information and artificial intelligence, providing indispensable technologies for everyone in their daily lives.

DNX Soluções - Valores


Customer approach with a goal of a long-term partnership.
- Continuous feedback
- Passion for its solutions and partners
- Team work
- Result-oriented approach
- Making own technology obsolete before competitors
- Agility in launching solutions
- Transparency and truthfulness always

Our Systems and Main Projects

Throughout our history, we have launched several solutions on the market and, always aiming to be one step ahead, we are in the process of SaaS transformation. Soon we will launch a new solution package for your business!

DNX Mercúrio Departamento Pessoal & Folha de Pagamento

Our first system, named Mercúrio, is a system that is specialized for Personal Department which control hiring operations, termination, payment check and vacation of our client's employees. Estimated to incorporate in 2022, being part of a new HR solution, for Cloud (SaaS).


The first system that was developed by our team to control purchase operations, sales, inventory and financially. Estimated to incorporate in 2022, we’ll commercialize it again now in Cloud version (Saas).

DNX Kennel

Specialist system for controlling the operations of animal registration offices. It performs registry operations, transference, pouch control, creators’ control, financially and sales control of products and services. Estimated incorporation to Cloud (Saas) in 2022.

DNX PDV Ponto de Vendas

Legacy system that conducts sales operations in clients’ terminals through issuing tax coupons. It was incorporated in a new version in early 2020, including NF-e, NFS-e and NFc-e operations.

DNX Mercurio Ponto Eletrônico Biométrico

The first system of Vale do Paraíba/SP of biometric control of employee presence. Nowadays it’s a Cloud (SaaS) system and it’s part of a new DNX HR solution.

DNX Mercurio Ponto Eletrônico Biométrico

System that was specialized on Biometric electronic control of employee presence, multicompanies, strategically separated from Mercúrio Departamento Pessoal to independent commercialization. It’ll be part of a new DNX HR solution, estimated to incorporate in 2022

DNX Mercúrio Automação de Cobranças

System specialized in charging automation, inclusion and exclusion of defaulters in regulatory institutions, consuming information from market and ERPs.

DNX CDA Sistema de Gestão de Cursos

System specialized in academic and financially management of schools and courses, with class control, grades, defaulters, direct mail, students and teachers. Soon it’ll be available in Cloud (SaaS).

DNX CDS Sistema de Gestão de Serviços

System specialized for service manager, made initially for health plan control, today it expands to other types of contracts and subscriptions. It’ll be incorporated in our new CRM.

DNX Auto GS Sistema de automação na gestão de salões

The first Online System of Vale do Paraiba, specialized in hair salon management. It was an experiment that worked really well! This system will be incorporated no DNX Schedule in 2022.

DNX Mercúrio Cadastro Biométrico

The first retail support system developed in Vale do Paraiba to register biometrics and picture of online costumers, supporting systems that do not have this functionality. This system will be incorporated in our CRM.

DNX Integração entre as lojas

System from Mercúrio package, online, perform strategic synchronization of information as occurrences, updates, information between stores of the same network.

DNX GED Gestão Eletrônica de Documentos

System created for attend a specific demand of a costumer. It will be incorporated in our new CRM.

DNX Auto Automação de Oficionas Mecânicas

System specialized in pre-service and checkup activities control, through photos and pre-established process. It makes budgets, execution plans and estimated return of clients with pieces rated as critical. This system will be modified to Cloud (SaaS).

DNX Mult Class Seu quadro de horário em minutos

Expert system for automatic generation of timetables for schools with many classes and teachers, considering teacher’s unavailable schedules and workload. This system is commercialized by our partners Grupo Educàre.

DNX E-commerce vendas diretas, online

System with the most modern technologies with a high level of safety, designed to companies that wish to have an e-commerce, with possible PVD and CRM integration. This system has three commercialization models: Traditional (with the option of sales register by CEP or withdrawal), Resales (for companies that wish to have outside consultors with their own virtual stores) and Budget (for companies that do not wish to make online sales, but want to show their products/services).


Business oriented that wish a platform in WP and delivery services and content. Content 100% manageable by the client, from its header, slides and footer.


DNX’s CRM System with sales funnel operations, contract and post-sales. The system has BI Machine Learning. 100% online product and SaaS.

DNX Planejamentos

System to control production of products or projects, 100% online system and SaaS.


The CRM System (Costumer Relationship Manager) attend all pre sales demands, sales and post-sales for all types of products and services. It’s 100% online, it works in the main browsers of computer and smartphones. Integrated Business Pack system.


Company’s intern communication system, its flagships are: meeting management, management of external and internal events, document’s sharing management, electronic point, employee management, internal informative alerts and much more! 100% online, it works in the main browsers of your computer and smartphones. Integrated Business Pack system.

Ponto de Vendas

The sale system attends to sales operations in clients’ terminal by using tax coupons. Using NFS-e, NFC-e and NF-e, with also stock control. It’s possible to integrate it with our systems CRM and Intranet for a stronger management, being able to incorporate all the company’s sectors, from sales department to sale to the final customer. Integrated Business Pack system.

Logo DNX Aulas

DNX Aulas it’s a Package of Online Teaching Platform of classes and trainings, content inclusion, addition of Simulations and Study Schedules.


Our case partner Filonared it’s an Online Teaching Platform and Institutional Portal designed to bringing maximum efficient in the entrance exams of the main universities using our DNX Aulas. It allows full content edition, addition of practice exams, classes, courses, study schedules. It offers a sociocultural repertory based on safe and varied theory to facilitate the creation of essays for entrance exams and competitions.

Logo Compras

DNX Compras it’s a system specialist in requests, purchases, WhatsApp communication through integration, budget, everything to make your life and your business easier. Our system is simply the most complete of the market, using the newest technologies in Cloud Computing, that is, there’s no need for installation or face-to-face visits to maintenance and adjustments.


IB Learning is a portal of content to students that wish to take the entrance exams. LMS is focusing on English learning for entrance exams.

Maple Bear

Maple Bear platform was developed to make academic management easier, such as classes, events, day to day blogs of the institution. This platform can be used by students, teacher and franchise employees. Among several features, stands out the practicality to include students’ registration through Maple Bear Store..

Universidade Ixer

Ixer University it’s a LMS White Label, turned to capacitation of your agencies, managers and sales consultants through tests, video classes and online exams.

Grupo Seb

DNX was called by Grupo SEB to be part of Google Classroom and Lex Integration, an academic support platform developed by Grupo SEB itself, along with the DLC.

Grupo Zeus

DNX/Onset partnership has received a challenge from Grupo Zeus, the creation of a specialized system on banking correspondents. The system developed obtained the highest bank audit note from Vale do Paraíba.

Portal de Gestão Ixer

Ixer it’s a portal of integrated content with a Iugu payment platform. Through this portal there’s control and follow-up of all the company, orders, commissions that are generated by orders, estimated payment, commission provisions, documentations, clients’ access permissions through plans, among other things.

WNF Academy

WNF Academy it’s a CMS portal with online subscriptions, where the subscribers (students) can access DNX LMS White Label, with the ID from WNF. Developed in partnership with DNX/Onset.


DNX made with the WNF commercial department the implementation of the company’s’ data analyses through Power BI and we also made the access segment of the sellers, who can only visualize their own information, and managers who can visualize only the seller’s information that are in a position bellow them. Implemented in DNX/Onset partnership.


Sphere asked DNX to make an academic portal for professors and franchise employees’ use, with events, notifications, dashboards with CRM Sponte integrated results, and online documents management. The work was complete with excellence and diligence.

Ficha Aprovada

Ficha Aprovada it’s a Startup that gave us the challenge of making a content portal designed to automating the process of generation of files with the financers.


Luminova wanted to use our academic portal for its teachers and employees of the franchises, so that they have resources such as notifications, events electronic document management and result dashboards (Sponte).

Universidade Smart

Smart University acquired our White Label LMS to, throughout regions, run its training for its sales franchises.

Infinite Consult

Infinite Consult acquired the LMS DNX with a landing page with the subscription portal, where students subscribe and enjoy all the content available for studies.



DNX Solutions was idealized 14 years ago, when our first partner called us for a challenge to create a management system for a distribution company and it was from that moment on that we have not stopped creating solutions for other companies. In our long journey we discovered a passion for teaching technology to other people and it was with this in mind that DNX started to give courses in Vale do Paraíba. Today we have more than 180 students trained to face the day-to-day problems encountered in the market, many of them are working with us and are part of our history.

In addition to our training courses, we provide technical consulting and/or training in your Company. We have already provided consulting services to small, medium and large companies, as well as multinationals.


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